The idiot vs the photographer

Becoming a photographer again


The idiot vs the photographer

For seven years I was staring into the computer screen, working my ass of for someone else in London.
The busy London life, stress and heartache that comes from running in the wrong direction. I am a nikon photographer, it was time to go back to basics and stop being an idiot.

Today I am still staring into a computer screen, the difference is and it’s a big one, I work for myself in Sweden and in South Africa.

I take photographs and work as a photographer.

There comes a point in your life, where you realise what an idiot you have been. I reevaluated the choices and made the decision to change in 2007 when I went full time as a photographer in London, England. I have found my mission in life, running my own business doing what I love, it hasn’t been easy. Several times I have asked myself if this is the right path to go.

In between countries

Living in London, I used it as our base while my wife ran a small independent Swedish Coffee shop. My photographs was displayed in Småland Coffee and we frequently traveled to both Durban, South Africa and Småland, Sweden to work as a wedding photographer.

Sure I still feel the stress, sometimes cursing the hamster wheel of a true workaholic.
Perhaps sometime in the future, sitting on my chair starring into the computer screen, I might look up and realise that I am still an idiot.

Life is precious, you only live once.
Perhaps I will create a new choice and a new direction when that day comes or I will be able to look back and see that the choices I have made has shaped me to who I am today, a creative commercial photographer.