KPD Stands for Kevii Photography & Design which is where we started out have now evolved to KPD.Media.

We have been running our company here in Sweden since 2010. With our experience from London forming the core of our business we met at Yahoo in 2000 which back then was still on its way up and there was a constant “work hard play hard” atmosphere. My role there was mostly as a Unix sysadmin and team leader until I moved into Data security and Backup while Eva worked in the GUI team before leaving to start Småland coffee I followed years later to return to photography.

Kevin Johnston

Director / photographer  My focus is to build creative concepts that communicate the core values of our clients vision, business idea’s and strength’s.

I strive as a photographer to capture the light and emotion and yet at the same time summarizing the bigger picture and the overall concept and message.

As a South African with a Landrover who loves adventure and exploration the “One Life, Live it!” motto fits pretty well


Eva Regin Johnston

Graduate at Hyper Island with entrepreneurial skills and a passion for people, business development and coffee.

Public Relationship Manager that is building lasting relationships and strategies with a mindset that creates business concepts, manages and finishes productive marketing projects and graphic design elements.

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get!”

“If I don’t know about it, I can’t do anything about it”

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Småland Coffee and Kevii Photography

Småland Coffee

Småland Coffee by Waterloo: To run our own business is exactly what we wanted to do so we started Småland Coffee up in 2004 as Eva already had experience from the catering industry. To start up the new venture, Eva really got to use all the skills from her studies such as creating a complete Company Identity with Logotype, Graphic Guidelines, Company Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Administration, Customer Service and dealing with and negotiating prices with vendors etc.

The combination of running a Swedish inspired Café in London and Kevii Photography which we started up in 2007 was a success, as an entrepreneur you have to invent and take advantage of the situation living in London gave us a great opportunity to grow and learn in a fast paced environment.



2010 we moved to Sweden and started all over again building a range of service and products fields with

Kevii Photography, Design & Media.
We can offer our clients most of the things as a media company, with film, animations,  commercial photography, (company portrait head shots, unique photographs) but also do graphic design and layout for print or online media.

We can create anything from product catalogs, marketing and communication material that will compliment and enhance your current company profile.