Websites  & eCommerce Solutions

We build websites around your graphical profile with a customized design and a simple UI (user interface) with the aim to make it easy for potential clients to navigate your site.

We classify websites into 4 categories

Small – is often just a single page for a small company to introduce themselves and allows people to contact them directly from the website

Medium – is a multi page setup but still with minimal text but includes some basic SEO and more product info

Large – A large site includes a lot more text/copy and involves having text verified with a copy righter and in depth SEO with customized images and graphic profiling.

eCommerce – Same as the large site but with the addition of an eCommerce option this is first researched to see what options are available and what the requirements are from a small freestanding eCommerce site to an integrated system with the companies POS and Stock system.

Building relationships via social media, websites and other online forums has become an important part of reaching out to your company’s network, independent on how small or large your business is.

Kevii Media – Photography & Design will work with your media agency, in house graphical department or we can give you advice and structure on how to showcase your business via online media.


We use a variety of content management systems sometimes it is dependent on what our clients require, we have experience with Joomla, WordPress, Drupal Opencart, Woocommerce, Magenta

Not all sites require a CMS and other options are available or even a mixture of platforms.



This is an important part of any website and helps potential customers to find you online. Note that this alone does not bring you immediate customers but we recommend using SEO in conjunction with both traditional and online marketing options.

Online marketing – we help you to find focus on potential sites and other forums where you can find your target market.

Traditional marketing – Uses media from magazines, Newspapers, Radio and TV

Social Media – Here we look at options from Facebook through to youtube to help content on your website and boost your interaction with you target market.


Need design?

Kevii provide complete solutions and campaigns
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for online and print media.

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