As part of the new refurbishment of the bank’s top floor, which is allocated for business meetings, we were commissioned to create a unique picture inspired by the banks local work.

The Bank, Sparbanken Eken is also a great benefactor of the local community. Their premises are located to the right of the local church (not visible on the pictures due to the trees).

Sparbanken Eken have provided a walk/exercise path all around the lake which is lit up by lamps to provide a safe and enjoyable pathway for the local population and tourists in Långasjö town.

The lake is used for swimming, rowing, leisure and fishing, it has recently been stocked with rainbow trout for fly fishing enthusiasts!

Kevii Photography & Design provided the following services:

•  Concept & Idea for reflecting the spirit of the bank and it’s work for the local community.
•  Graphic illustration to show how the print will look on the wall. (Final picture had black frame)
•  Real size: 90 x 160 cm, printed on canvas and framed at Emmaboda Konst.