Lindahls Yrkeskläder

Kläder & Profilering




Lindahls Yrkeskläder vill skapa en ny kampanj för att lyfta fram brodyr, transfertryck, profilering och andra aspekter i sitt företag.

Relaunch, Branding and Marketing Campaign


Lindahls_LoggaThe logotype and branding are important part of the company identity.

In conjunction with the owners, we created a fresher look on their logotype.


New property sign for the venue.

Refreshed logotype goes on top of the current signpost.





Inside shop signs done on Banners


New design of their webpage


Ad Campaign

• Portraits on location
• Photographing objects
• Design for print media
• Submitting final product

Logotype & Branding

• Stickers
• Car Branding
• Pens
• Balloons
• Signage for the shop
• Carpet with branding on
• Serviettes
• Take away Cups
• Take Away carry bags
• Menu Boards


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