Cindy Pieterse is a somatologist in South Africa

As a brand new business, she needed everything, so we sat down for a meeting to prioritise what was important to get her new venture up and running.

Company identity and Company profile was part of her set-up and something that KEVII are pleased to provide for all of our start ups.

Synergy zn is able to offer a wide range of services (body treatments such as; Massages, Hair Removal,Tinting, Manicure, Pedicure, Facials and Pamper Parties) as a Somatologist, we needed a good structure with great pictures for her website

BusinessCard front

Top left: Freestanding banderoll 600 mm x 1600 mm.

Below left: A5 flyer

Below: front and back of the business card for Synergy




Kevii Photography & Design provided the following services:

•  Logotype

•  Business card, double sided layout

•  Design, branding of work-clothes

•  Design, branding of vehicle

•  Website structure and design, with photographs and illustrations

•  Facebook page (please support & like hers page here)

•  A5 Flyer to promote her new business (se below)

•  Portrait Photography for the company

•  On location portfolio photographs