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Your presence online is crucial, with high demand to be user friendly, attractive and searchable.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the organic way of how people find your website, company and information. When they found you on the wide world web, it’s just as important to be engaging and attractive to keep their attention. As an addition to that, navigation and how the information is structured brings the user friendly interface into focus.


Company website and the online profile

Your next customer, vendor or business partner are just as likely to find you through a search engine today as they are to get a more traditional introduction.

The referal, the good reputation of your product and services or just being market leader within your sector will of cause make a great difference.

But the fact that your business these days are more likely to meet the customer first time, via online content and your website are telling us how incredible important it is to have a relevant presence online.

Building relationships via social media, websites and other online forums has become an important part of reaching out to your company’s network, independent on how small or large your business is.


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We classify websites into 4 categories:

• Small – is often just a single page for a small company to introduce themselves and allows people to contact them directly from the website
• Medium – is a multi page setup but still with minimal text but includes some basic SEO and more product info
• Large – A large site includes a lot more text/copy and involves having text verified with a copywriter and in depth SEO with customized images and graphic profiling.

• eCommerce – Same as the large site but with the addition of an eCommerce option this is first researched to see what options are available and what the requirements are from a small freestanding eCommerce site to an integrated system with the companies POS and Stock system.