Film Case Studies

Here are some films from two of our clients where we give a summery of the process from the initial concept to the final product

Xylem Film Projects (Video) was initially hired to make an introduction film for Xylem to showcase their factory in Emmaboda, Sweden. We have since continued to produce content for various other projects.

We met up with the client to discuss what each film should focus on, each project was then managed with the following processes setting the timeline:
• Outline the purpose of the film.
• Writing the story board.
• Planning and booking up times, places and people for filming.
• Editing and delivery of final film products.

We have been hired to showcase diffent core values of the company for film as well as additonal photography projects.

The films and photographs have been used internally within the company and externally for hiring and online.

On many occations these films have also been used to showcase the company at events, presentations for clients, customers and future employee’s.

Kyrkeby Bränneri Film Projects (Video) was contacted to film and document the work and process of the Kyrkeby distillery. The project was run over a two year period.

From the film material we have since created several films, with different purposes. Anything from a short 1 minute introduction film, to longer films used for group presentations used for seminars and big events.

We also produced several films that the guides are using when taking visitors around the old factory, that are showing each step of the process.

The distillery is situed just outside the Småland town of Vissefjärda in the southeast region of Sweden. Visitors from all over the country is coming on guided tours and the distillery is also able to offer “snaps-provning” (snaps-testing) with catering for groups.